tobacco stores

Panagopoulou Brothers Tobacco storehouses

(Text from the work “THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE TOBACCO MILLS IN GREECE” by: Kourtina Melachrinis and Pavlos Elpinikis). The Panagopoulou storehouse, on Panagopoulou Street and Th. Griva was built between 1926 – 1928. It is a two-storey, stone building with a rectangular shape and dimensions of 42.85m x 21.90m. It […]

Heliou storehouses

It is located in the center of the city, namely 17 Messolongiou street and Varnakiotis. It was built at the beginning of the century. It was also designated as a historic listed monument by the Ministry of Culture on 15/4/1992. It is a two-storey building with an elevated basement, stone, […]

National Tobacco Agency (E.O.K.)

Located at 18 Makri Street, Agrinio. Built in 1960. It is a seven-storey building that housed the offices of the EU and, at the same time, there were tobacco storage and processing rooms. Processing sites were operational until the end of the 1970s. Since then, the EU has rented other […]

Tobacco institute

The site of the tobacco Institute occupies an area of approximately 24 acres, at the southwest edge of the city of Agrinio, at the junction of Iraklitos Street with the Agrinio-Antirrio National Road. photos from the inside of the Tobacco Institute storehouse (Tobacco Station) located on Iraklitos Street, next to […]