Collection of digital material for the Agrinio Tobacco Museum

The cultivation, harvesting, stringing, curing frames, storage and bundling of tobacco.

Texts and studies on the cultivation, processing and movement of tobacco.

These video includes all the basic stages of cultivation and the first stages of processing.

The effort we are launching is considered to be the natural continuation of the established need of the local community to highlight the history of the city and aims to help gather the scattered (and abundant) material for tobacco in the region and to give impetus to the process of the creation of a Tobacco Museum, the lack of which is most obvious.
At DRO, we believe that the time has come for collective action: if we want the history of the region on the map, its tobacco history should not be ignored any longer, because for decades it has defined its economic, social and architectural profile.  The aim is that the Tobacco Museum will finally enter the formal program for city planning and be implemented with the participation of as many groups, associations and citizens as possible, because the open museum starts from and ends with the community.

About us

We are DRO – Citizens’ Movement for the support and the dynamic promotion of any substantial development proposal based on the historical, cultural and natural assets of the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania.

The Agrinio Tobacco Museum

Our movement gathers digital material, relating to tobacco, with the purpose of this material being the precursor to the creation of a tobacco museum in Agrinio by any sector.

Send us what material you have.

If you are in possession of material, objects, photographs, videos, texts about tobacco, please contact us.

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